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Single Page Websites

If you're looking to make your first footprint on the web then a single page site can be an affordable way of establishing your presence. A single page can briefly introduce your business or organisation and summarise what you have to offer.

If you have a little more to say you can choose a single page featuring multiple sections linked by sliding navigation. These sites are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to skip from section to section without having to scroll backwards and forwards through a long page.

You can also use a single page website to promote an event or campaign. Or maybe you have a new product launch coming up and want a domain and website as a focal point.

Single page sites can be a great way of making a big impression or engaging people with a narrative. You can use a clean and minimalist design to make a bold statement without overwhelming the visitor with content. Using varyng font sizes can also add to the experience, together with measured use of colour and photographic material.

As with all our sites, you can opt for our easy content management system that allows you to edit the text of the site. You can also modify the page title, description and headings.

Our single page websites start at just £100 for a basic design, with domain registration and hosting for £75.

To get an idea of what can be achieved with a single page, take a look at One Page Love.