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Resizing Images For The Web

Tuesday 28 October 2014

We have a number of clients who buy webspace from us and maintain their own websites.

On a few occasions these clients have quickly used up their webspace allowance by uploading full sized images, such as high resolution images from a digital camera. These images use a significant amount of disk space and are typically far larger than those you would normally use on a website. Not only do they use up webspace but they also waste bandwidth when visitors visit a site, escpcially if they are mobile users on a data plan.

In layman's terms, a full sized digital image from a camera would typically occupy an area over four times that of an entire dektop monitor, and over nine times the area of a laptop screen. For this reason, images need to be resized for web use. 

There are any number of tools available to resize images, but our favourite is Irfanview, a free image editing application available from Using Irfanview you can quickly and easily downsize images for web use.

A typical image from a 12 megapixel camera will be over 4000 pixels wide whereas for web use you probably wouldn't want anything over 1000 pixels wide - the width of many fixed width web pages. This will use up less web space and download a lot quicker.