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Content Management

Many people like the freedom and convenience of managing the content of their website without having to ask their web designer or developer to make the necessary changes. This can be done using a secure online editor or content management system (CMS).

We can provide you with the option of a simple system that allows you to update the content of your site through a password protect administration area. You simply log in to the system and select the page you want to edit. You can then use our text editor to update the content of your site.

The formatted editor allows you to change not only the content of your page, but control the appearance, such as bold, underlined and italic text as well as the font size and colour.

You can also edit lists, sub-sections, tabs and collapsible paragraphs.

As well as the content, you can also edit the page title, description and headings, all of which can impact your search engine optimisation (how highly the search engines rank your pages).

Content Management Systems can be tailored to the specific layout of your site, allowing you to modify not only the the basic copy but also sidebars and panels.